Trash to Treasure Metal sculpture bird yard art

Trash to treasure is back, I bought this piece of garden art made out of found objects at an estate sale about 10 years ago. They were actually surprised when I asked the price because they didn’t think anyone would want him but I saw his potential. He was in sad shape then, spray painted all different colors like black, red, white or whatever they had lying around and kinda rusted. As soon as I saw him in that driveway of the sale I noticed how much work went into making him. All of his parts are welded together and judging by his age the artist was ahead of his time making something out of old scraps (old steampunk) At the time I decided he was a heron. He was made of old grills for wings, a propane tank body, a crimped metal pipe for his head and rebar for legs, tail feathers and the feather on the back of his head.

white heron before

white heron before



I painted his body white and beak and legs yellow but after ten years sitting in the garden he was looking pretty rough again. I took him out and scrubbed him down and then it hit me, why can’t he be a flamingo? So this time I have repainted him all in pale pink with darker lipstick pink for his legs, beak and then misted over the light pink over his body and wings. I think he came out great. When he was a white heron, he blended into the background of the garden as you can see in the before pictures but he now makes a statement all decked out in his new coat of shades of pink paint.


in his colorful new finery!

in his colorful new finery!


He now resides front and center on the patio in the backyard near the sago palm, a place of honor for one as colorful as he.

Tell me what your best trash to treasure project was!


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