About Me, meet the blogger

Me feeling fab-u-lous in mom’s mink coat at mom’s house, it’s fab-u-lous!

Welcome to Syrinx Asylum! My name is Carolyn but many of my friends call me Lyn or Lynsey I am a born and bred yankee transplanted to the south for the past 14 years.  First of all I want to thank you for stopping by and checking out my site.  I am a mixed media/collage artist, writer and photographer who also loves to sew, read and cook.  By day I am incognito as a medical receptionist so this site is my space to explore all the other possibilites in life.  My hope for this site is that it will become a place not only for me to share my experiences, thoughts and photography about the journey through life but for other like-minded people to join me in my quest to live the best life we can have.  Many experiences in my life have come together to make me realize that life is very short and unpredictable and in realizing that, I try my best not to waste time on the negatives in life but to accentuate the positives since there are so many if we can just stop and notice them, sometimes just in the smallest of details.  I like to try new things and try to learn something new everyday.  I hope you enjoy reading my posts and that you will join me on my journey, really our common journey as human beings,  through this thing called life.  One thing I know for sure, everyone you see or meet has their own story to tell and they are all varied and interesting.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Please feel free to explore and comment, I love a good discussion.  As you can see, the topics here are varied.  Thanks again for stopping by, I hope you sit and stay a while!  It’s nice to meet you 🙂

 me with my wine

Me at 10 years old, I don’t feel any different today, just a little older and hopefully wiser.


9 thoughts on “About Me, meet the blogger

  1. Ron

    Finally signed in to word press and created a profile. I hope I went to the right place! I haven’t been receiving your posts as they are being posted. I don’t know why. Let me know if you receive this message. Your summer salad was a hit at the pool party!


  2. Lynsey Post author

    I get all your comment emails but I have heard that the posts are not getting to people’s emails. I have no idea why.
    Oh, I am glad you had the best salad at the party 🙂 your welcome


  3. Rae Crosby

    Hi Carolyn, Love the mink coat!!! I’d like to leave a reply regarding your brother,but wanted to ask you if that would be ok?
    Rae Crosby


    1. lynsey66 Post author

      Hi Rae
      Glad you found my blog. 🙂 Yes, you can leave a comment on any story you would like to. You can also subscribe to the blog and get emails when I post. Thanks so much for reading, was wondering if you wanted to be friends on Facebook as well, send me a request if you want. Talk to you soon, Carolyn


    1. lynsey66 Post author

      I noticed that right away and am already following you on pinterest, check my stuff out too. I think we will be friends, I don’t know why but thats what I think 🙂



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