Nifty Links, a few of my favorite sites……..

Online store for ordering customized clothing, accessories and printed paper items such as business cards made by talented husband Brian, check it out!

Brian’s digital art website.  See the amazing work he is doing with digital and photographic art and now watercolor paintings and prints.

The Webpage for all things Peter max, buy art, prints and posters and he will even sign and personalize them for you.

Excellent site with excellent prices on all kinds of supplements, foods and even pet supplies and medicines, and are also always running sales you never pay full price.

Free internet radio station, create your own playlists or just listen to the random songs from any genre that they play for you

This site has so many great deals, I cannot even begin to tell you, sign up with your email and they send you updates on the lowest prices for everything from clothing to yard supplies

An LGBT advocacy, support and informational blog by JamieLee

Very cool internet radio station with all kinds of different programming, music, talk shows, comedy, and its free!

Best Site and best prices for printing digital photos and for photobooks and gifts google coupon codes for them they’re all over the place!

My Vascular Surgeon, From Coastal Vascular and Vein Center

My Orthopedic Surgeon at Southeastern Spine Insitite

A site that offers web based or DVD video art technique instruction

Website that offers free polls, ask any question and interact with your readers!

THE best site for inspiration, information about mixed media arts, journaling, blogging and much  more.  I never throw away one of their magazine issues, I refer back to them over and over again.  They are filled with pictures of artists’ work and sources for supplies.

An entire site of altered art, purchase supplies, gallery and blog.

An amazing array of art supplies, everything you would ever need and/or want and fun to browse.

An Amazing altered art/mixed media blog by a talented mixed media artist and teacher Seth Apter

A site devoted to mixed media art techniques and DIY projects with instruction

Our photos, they inspire both our work

Purchase or sell your art, crafts and supplies

A great blog full of ideas

A blog for and about the empowerment of women, very well written and inspirational


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