We seem to have taken on a lot of clocks!

I’m not sure if anyone else out there is geeky enough to get that quote but it’s from Futurama, one of my favorite of the grown up cartoons, they go back in time and when they do suddenly the ship is filled with clocks and Leila says this “We seem to have taken on a lot of clocks”.  I have actually taken on a lot of clocks lately.  They are not selling on Etsy but I am taking them on and spiffing them up or in some cases, just cleaning them because they don’t need spiffing like the mid century glass clock I just found last weekend.  It needs nothing, it’s perfect the way it is and so far is not for sale.

I even found what turned out to be a ship’s clock or “chronometer” it doesn’t get more steampunk than that does it?

I went ahead and made 18 pendants and put them up there but so far those aren’t going either.

Oh well.  I enjoyed making them.

So here’s what we’re looking at



antique beauty

antique beauty

mid century perfection

mid century perfection

title "Time Traveller"

title “Time Traveller”

metallic mantel clock

metallic mantel clock

Some of these are for sale and some are not.  The antique beauty is still in process, I am turning it into a “painted lady” and may keep it for myself.  but my etsy store can be found here


I wish I understood my fascination with clocks, I think it has something to do with the passage of time and the feeling like I never have enough time etc etc.

Anyway, let me know what you think of my latest stuff.  I am always interested in creative criticism/critique.  I am also making some hair barrettes, a bracelet, a couple rings just experimenting with some other steampunk pieces.  I have a couple more jewelry boxes almost finished too.

Thanks for stopping by!


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