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Home Made Biscuit/Baking mix

***Update 2-12-17 Now I have been using this recipe for several years and have found that anything that I make with it comes out lighter and much more delicious than anything I ever made with store bought Bisquick so it has become something I always have on hand and have made some changes to the recipe to improve it.

So, I was thinking, what else in my kitchen, that I use  quite a bit, can I make myself?  I was looking around on Pinterest, and saw numerous recipes for home made baking mix to take the place of store bought Bisquick.  I have always had Bisquick around and my mom always did too.  I figured the ingredients are pretty simple and if I make it myself not only will it be less expensive but also healthier since there won’t be any preservatives or chemicals that I can’t pronounce. This recipe costs me even less to make, all told, it takes approximately $5 worth of ingredients and in bulk it replaces about 3 boxes of Bisquick.

After some test runs, this is the best and my own bulk version of this recipe:

5lb bag of flour

3/4 c baking powder

1/4 c sugar

3 Tablespoons salt

3 cups butter flavored shortening

Mix it all in a very large bowl, I have a big stainless steel bowl that I also use for bread making.  I used a potato masher instead of a pastry blender to mix it and it blended it perfectly, keep blending by turning the bowl and pushing the masher down the sides of the bowl until it has a crumbly appearance. Like this:

finished baking mix in the canister

finished baking mix in the canister

This mix can be stored for 8 weeks or so in an airtight container, longer in the refridgerator which is where I keep it. I am using a large cereal storage container, it can also be kept in the freezer and it will last for 6 months. I have also written down the most commonly used recipes (biscuits, coffee cake and pancakes) and used packing tape to attach to the side of the container so we don’t have to go looking for recipes.

I use this often in my house, my son loves to make pancakes, we like biscuits, coffee cake on sunday mornings or holidays as well as a coating for chicken when mixed with spices and there is a pot pie recipe you can make with it that is delicious! If you don’t use baking mix often you can cut the recipe down by half or thirds. This mix substitutes for Bisquick in any recipe that calls for it.  follow this link for Bisquick recipes:  http://www.bettycrocker.com/recipes/product-recipes/bisquick-recipes

Try it and let me know how yours turns out or if you come up with a new idea for something to make with it!  as always, thanks for reading 🙂


Making Household Cleaners out of Common Ingredients Instead of Buying them

I have been on Pinterest a good bit lately and seeing a lot of recipes for making your own household cleaners.  We have been on a very strict budget at my house for well over a year now and I am always looking for ways to save money.  At this point it’s become a challenge to me to see how inexpensively 3 of us can live.  I clip, download and even buy grocery coupons on Ebay but so far am not an extreme couponer, the most I have saved in a week was $15 I think but still that was $15 still in my pocket and not spent on groceries.  Now that I see these cleaning product recipes, it made me think about how much we probably spend on household cleaning products.  I have found recipes for laundry and dishwasher detergents, general household cleaners and even deodorizing cubes.  Most of these cleaners are made with vinegar, baking soda, washing soda, borax and hydrogen peroxide in some combination and all of these ingredients are pretty inexpensive compared to prepared laundry and dish detergents.  I have decided to pick some of these to try myself and share the results with you here.  I will make sure I post pictures and complete instructions.  This will be another fun challenge.  Can we make our own cleaning products and have them be as good as the ones we pay a lot of money for.  Stay tuned………………………..