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Danger High Voltage Creativity! I found Steampunk Nirvana!

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Steampunk Nirvana: Honest to god I thought I died and went to Steampunk Nirvana recently. The hubs knew of a place where there was so much stuff and the owner needs to clear it all out so he can finalize the sale of the property. I cannot disclose the location but as soon as I saw it I hardly knew where to look first. There were so many pieces of machinery, outbuildings full of boxes of all things metal-working. I managed to score an entire box of old propellers (it doesn’t get more steampunk than propellers, at least in my opinion). Every type of gear and cog both large and small, plumbing pieces, signs, old sodium light bulbs etc. I took all of my finds home and washed them. All the rusty gears and cogs got a coat of clear so the rust doesn’t come off on my hands. So now I am looking at these pieces and picturing what I can make out of them. I have ideas for clocks and lamps. What would you say to a propeller pendulum clock?……I am saying yes to that idea as well. As I finish these creations I will post them and of course they will be for sale in my Etsy store SyrinxAsylumArts. I am finally getting more traffic through there and even a few sales so that is encouraging. So here are the pictures of my finds, I know it probably sounds extremely geeky to be so excited by this but I had so far had to buy the gears and cogs online so its so cool to find a fairly local source.  I am so inspired.

Stay tuned for what becomes of my “shinies” bwahahahah!



Steampunk Accessories and a new clock with a beach theme

Believe it or not, I have still been creating despite my ridiculous work schedule.  Lately I have focused more on small accessory items like barrettes and other jewelry type things since the clocks aren’t selling.  These are some of the items I have recently listed.  I am trying to balance what I want to create with what sells since I am trying to earn at least a little money at it but that is the lament of all creatives.  The money earned from my store is to go toward the medical coding certificate that I am working on so I can move up in my daytime career. (gotta pay the bills somehow)

Any feedback is appreciated:  All of these items are available for sale on my etsy store, the link is on the right of this page.

thanks as always for reading.

beachclock goldbox cuffbracelet 2barrettes largebarrette pairofbarettes

My Etsy Store is Now Open plus a new fundraiser

I finally opened my Etsy store yesterday, I have been talking about it for a long time and started to wonder if I ever would but I finally did.  I have 10 items right now but there are more in the works including 3 more clocks, 2 completed ones are in the store now.  I am excited to see if I get some good reviews and hopefully even sales by launching in time for Christmas shopping.

This is the link to the store:


Here is the completed Platinum clock as promised:

angelintheplatinumclock platinum clock

I’m not completely sure about the clock face, I think it might need some embellishment but it’s in the Etsy store as is for right now.  It’s bigger than it looks at 26 1/2 inches tall.  I am very pleased with the pendulum compartment and the angel inside it though.

I also wanted to share that I have a long-term fundraiser going on for the American Heart Association through a website called bravelets.  I started a page in Debbie’s name and apparently there have been 2 sales so that’s something.  For every piece of jewelry they sell, they donate $10 to the charity of your choice.  This is the link to that page:


As always, thanks for reading and wish me luck on my new venture.