My Etsy Store is Now Open plus a new fundraiser

I finally opened my Etsy store yesterday, I have been talking about it for a long time and started to wonder if I ever would but I finally did.  I have 10 items right now but there are more in the works including 3 more clocks, 2 completed ones are in the store now.  I am excited to see if I get some good reviews and hopefully even sales by launching in time for Christmas shopping.

This is the link to the store:

Here is the completed Platinum clock as promised:

angelintheplatinumclock platinum clock

I’m not completely sure about the clock face, I think it might need some embellishment but it’s in the Etsy store as is for right now.  It’s bigger than it looks at 26 1/2 inches tall.  I am very pleased with the pendulum compartment and the angel inside it though.

I also wanted to share that I have a long-term fundraiser going on for the American Heart Association through a website called bravelets.  I started a page in Debbie’s name and apparently there have been 2 sales so that’s something.  For every piece of jewelry they sell, they donate $10 to the charity of your choice.  This is the link to that page:

As always, thanks for reading and wish me luck on my new venture.


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