The road less travelled, Meggett, Younges Island and Edisto SC

One of my favorite things to do is to just get in the car and see where the road takes us.  Yesterday, on the way to Edisto Beach it took us through a town called Meggett, SC onto Younges Island and through Adams Run.  I had heard of these places but had not seen them.  Amazingly, they are less than an hour from where I live, maybe just 40 minutes away.  Someone told us that Meggett had little shops and things but when we drove into town, there was a post office and a doctor’s office,  we continued down the road thinking they were further ahead and a minute later we went over a bridge and were on Younges island.  Younges island, SC is the kind of place that has been yet undiscovered by out of staters, it’s a rural sea island with beautiful marshes and few houses and a lot of land for sale.  It is also one of the sea islands where the Gullah and Geechee people live.  They are the freed slaves who originally came from  the West Indies and make the famous sweet grass baskets sold in our area.  I feel certain that in another 10 years or so, it will be found and developers will arrive.  Since I moved here nearly 15 years ago, I have seen these changes first hand.  Our town of Summerville was still fairly rural back then and since has turned into a suburban paradise haha.  We have a CVS or Walgreens on every corner along with a grocery store every 3 square miles.  There were 3 grocery stores in the whole town when we moved there and 2 pharmacies.  We drove to the end of Younges Island where we found a huge shipyard which seemed out of place.  There are some pretty existing homes that are just crying out for renovation.  One that caught my eye had a name, the gate said Wave Crest and when we looked it up on Zillow the asking price was 2 million even without the renovations. It has 1.2 acres and is directly on the water (Edisto River), right at the end where it goes into the sea at Edisto Beach.   These are some of the pictures I took on Younges yesterday. 

wavecrest214younges wavecrestyounges boatinyardyounges heronmarsh14 heronmarsh214 liveoaksyounges pinkhouseyounges


It’s a place where time seems to have been standing still.  This old gas station/farm supply store appears to be intact and original to the last date it was used which appears to be around 1950, complete with the original tin advertising signs and silo.  Very interesting and I hope it stays exactly the way it is, I would hate to see that much history disappear.

 bellvinesyounges siloyounges dekalbsign farmequipyounges oldgasstationyounges oldgasstationyounges214 oldgastationyounges214a shellpumpyounges marshedisto


After that we went on to Edisto Beach, this is my favorite beach in the area because it is still so rural and undiscovered that it is rarely crowded.  It was my favorite kind of day there, slightly overcast, breezy, mild, refreshing.  It also has piles of shells.  It is located south of Charleston and Isle of Palms in the part of the coast just as it curves out and east into the ocean so I think that is why the tide deposits so many shells there as opposed to the other beaches north of the city.  There are just piles and piles of them everywhere.   You can walk seemingly forever along the water listening to the waves crashing.  We took our dog Lily with us and let her off the leash and she had a ball, running up and down the dunes, she even chased a bird for the first time in her life.

 wavesplash14 beachsky214 birdflying14 lilybeach14 lilybeach214 lilychasingbird14 pierwaves14 pierwaves14a shell214 wavecurl14 wavecurl14a wavecurl14b waves2 waves14 waves14a wavesky14

This sea gull has the right attitude, the sign may say keep off but what is life without a few risks???


On the way home, we drove through Adams Run, SC.  Much like Meggett, there wasn’t much there besides a post office and this little restaurant we passed and a lot of signs with land for sale on them.  It’s located just next to Ravenel, SC which is slightly larger and a bit closer to Charleston.  

 adamsrunpostoffice adamsrun adamsrun2

It was a very relaxing, rejuvenating day.  It’s easy to get caught up in your day to day life of going to work and keeping up with your home and other errands and forget to just take a day for yourself and do what you want and not worry about the ‘must do, list”.


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