Pennies from heaven…Heaven Sent Cents

Have you ever heard the term “pennies from heaven”?  I mean besides the song.  I hadn’t until a friend who had also lost her sister told me that pennies from heaven is the term for when you find a random penny, when you least expect it, and usually in an unusual location.  It also usually happens when you have either been thinking about your lost loved one consciously or subconsciously or maybe it’s even a special date.  Since she told me the story I have paid more attention and have found some of these pennies and it gives me the sense that she is trying to tell me she is still here, even though I already knew that, I feel her on a fairly regular basis.  I know many or at least some of you may think this is crazy or just a grieving person grasping for any sign of a memory of someone very dear that we have lost too soon to death.  Even I was skeptical at first when I heard the story, it sounded like an old wives tale until I found the first one and the feeling I got when I found it, I cannot even describe.  Now she and I even text each other sometimes when we find them.  Her sister leaves dimes, the joke was that her sister was very fashionable and so they laughingly said that pennies wouldn’t be shiny enough for her, that it would have to be dimes, and sure enough, dimes are what they find.  I once even found a penny and dime next to each other, we have talked about their personalities and since they never met here, I am sure they are hanging out over there, they have a lot in common and maybe showed this to us by leaving those together.

heaven sent cent

heaven sent cent

This morning, my co-worker and I came in and as usual began to go through the faxes and the process of opening up the office for the day, only the two of us were near the front desk area, we both walked by the counter area several times then about the 4th time I came by, right in front of her was a penny, I asked if it was hers, since it was right in front of her.  She said she swore that it was not there when we arrived and she didn’t see it get there.  I didn’t see it get there either and I swear it wasn’t there when we arrived.  So, it dawned on me that it had to be a penny from heaven.  I had been thinking about her this morning out of nowhere in the shower (humming a Jethro Tull song), her birthday is coming up and Thanksgiving coming up (another holiday passing without her there).  I have become the matriarch of the family, a title I don’t want or feel ready to have.  But I want to thank you Debbie, for that little bit of reassurance, in the form of a little penny.


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