A Southern Harvest, November in South Carolina

taking it all in.........

taking it all in………


A few weeks ago I wrote about the cotton fields in the Georgetown SC area that we saw while driving our son back to college after a weekend visit.  Well, last Sunday I saw that apparently November is harvesting season.  What a difference a few weeks makes!   These fields were a little bit off the beaten path and there were so many acres it was impossible to see the end of them.  This time, the sun was shining, its was in the low 70’s and the sky was a beautiful shade of medium blue, it was a perfect fall day.  I can only explain my fascination with cotton by saying that I am from the north where we produced apples and maple syrup and even though I have lived here 14 years I still find it amazing to see how this plant grows and then becomes so many of the things we use and even take for granted every day.

meinthecotton meinthecotton2 meinthecotton3 novembercotton sunnycotton sunnycotton2 vastcottonfield cornercottonfield cottonrows

Heading back down the road toward home, we passed the cotton fields that we saw a few weeks ago, again, what a difference a few weeks makes, It almost looked like a war zone, all around the field were squashed plants with their cotton squashed into the mud and at the far end of this field a gigantic, overflowing container filled with just cotton. I tried to imagine how much there might be in there but I just couldn’t.  I was able to see in person how enormous the cotton harvester is, and scary looking with its multiple blades for separating the plants from their cotton.

tractorharvesting containerandtractor cottonharvester

cotton in the tractor tracks

cotton in the tractor tracks

fallen cotton

fallen cotton

harvestedfield harvestingmachines

cotton harvester

cotton harvester


What a stark contrast from the yet, unharvested field wouldn’t you say?  But such is the cycle of farming.  Next year these fields will grow corn or another crop so the nutrients will be balanced.  I have to admit when I saw all that cotton on the ground (not near the container, in the already finished field), i filled a little plastic bag with it, I am sure I can make something out of it.  It seems to me that if you can felt wool you can probably felt cotton.  Whatever I do with it, you can be sure I will blog about it.  My next topic will be about my return to physical therapy. Don’t worry it’s a good thing!


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