It’s Cotton Season in the Southeast!

cotton2 cotton3 cotton5 cotton1

It is cotton season in the south once again (also football season but that is not interesting to me).  Like in the northeast, when fall arrives, it brings with it a riot of color in the leaves, here in the south, it brings acres and acres of snowy, white, fluffy spots as far as the eye can see in some places out in the country.  Driving back from dropping my son back to college after a weekend home, we passed field upon field of cotton, ready to be picked.  I have seen them plenty of times before, but not being from around here originally, I still find It fascinating, just like the very first snowflakes in New Hampshire, when everyone would rush to the window to see, even though we had seen them a million times in our lifetime, the very first snow was still a cause for excitement.  So, on our way back home, I stopped, paused, to look at the simple beauty of a field of cotton in full bloom, in about 1 month those fields will be empty, stripped of their pure white beauty for another year.  The sides of the roads covered in downy, white, the closest thing we we will see to a snowy road,  from the cotton flying off the trucks that haul the giant bales to the various trains and ships that will take it to it’s final destination where it will be made into various useful products.  Once the plants die and become completely dried out and brown, the mechanical cotton pickers



 will come and scoop them all up, separate the cotton balls from the rest and turn the leftovers into mulch.  Upon close up inspection, the cotton plant forms “pods” that eventually open to expose 4 perfectly formed natural cotton “balls”,


each of these balls has 3 seeds in them.  I picked a few stems from a plant that was outside the rows that would be harvested and I plan to plant some of these seeds to see if I can grow my own cotton plant just for fun.

Happy Fall everyone, wherever you are, enjoy the scenery that surrounds you!


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