New beginnings with an empty nest the last little bird has flown

I am officially an empty nester!  So far I am coping much better than I expected, I thought it was going to be much harder than it has turned out to be.  Of course, this does not mean that I don’t miss my son.  I will miss him a little every day especially his amazing sense of humor (no idea where he got that *wink*wink) but after moving him into his new digs which are much nicer than any other dorms for freshman than I have seen!  My youngest managed to get himself into a 4 bedroom apartment in a complex just off campus but owned by the school so he has an RA in the building and transportation to the campus, shopping, beach or anywhere else he might want to go every hour on the hour.  His apartment is very nice with a huge kitchen and a laundry area right off the kitchen, each of the rooms has their own bathroom and walk in closet and he shares the rest of the apartment with 4 room-mates.  They even have a little patio right off the living room. The complex has 3 pools, a gym and a convenience store.  Knowing that his surroundings are so nice made it a lot easier to move him in and leave him there.  When my 2nd daughter moved into her first dorm, it was not nearly as nice so I see the difference in my feelings in the contrast.  We took him grocery shopping then out to dinner, near the end of dinner, he said “I kinda want to come back home with you” which was exactly what his sister said 5 years ago when it came time to leave her at the end of moving day.  Since then I have heard from him via text message, he seems to be adjusting very well and starts his classes today so he will be pretty busy from here on out. 

There he goes!

There he goes!

Once we got back home, the house was unusually quiet (quiet will be another thing to get used to), I spent all day on Saturday cleaning.  Having a teen-aged boy home all summer really takes a toll on the house!  I have not attempted to do anything with his room yet, I will, just not yet, I am afraid that moving his things around will make me miss him and most likely cry. So far, I haven’t really done that so would like to avoid it if possible.  I am just so proud of him, he is doing exactly what I always hoped and knew he could do.

 So now it’s time to forge a new routine or maybe not even have one.  I have been a mom for over half of my life now so I can’t really remember being able to do whatever I want whenever I want so it may take me some time to adjust to that but I must admit that the idea of that much freedom is pretty intriguing.  After the fatigue of the past few months wears off, I feel like there is a whole new beginning out there for me, all I have to do is go out there and get after it. It’s a truly exciting prospect.


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