Cautionary Beach Tale; Beware of the rocks!

Anyone that knows me, knows that I love the beach, I love everything about it, the breeze, the waves, the shells.  Here in the south I love that the water is in the high 80’s at this point in the summer so is lovely to swim in, I almost never want to get out just like when I was 5.  We spent a beautiful day at Edisto Beach yesterday.  The weather and water were perfect.  The dolphins were jumping just like at Sea World, there were flocks of pelicans flying in formation and diving into the waves for a mouthful of fish.  The warm breeze was rustling perfectly through the palms and across the dunes and in my hair.

 pelicanline21 dolphin2 dune pelican pelicanline13


I was enjoying swimming through the waves when suddenly there were a couple of especially large waves.  They took me by surprise and pushed me toward a line of large rocks covered in barnacles.  After the first one hit me, I stood back up only to have an even bigger one push me down again, this time I slid all down my right side on hidden underwater rocks, scraping the entire right side of me.  I tried to grasp onto one of these rocks to keep from falling under again and ended up scraping my palms all to shreds. 

scrape2 rocks rockwaves

I actually didn’t know I had hurt myself as badly as I have until this morning.  When I got out of the water, I realized that my heel was cut pretty badly as I was leaving a blood trail up the beach.  Some shell-seeking little old ladies helpfully pointed this out to me as I made my way back to my beach chair.  Of course after I sat back down I saw this sign:


Very helpful location I thought as if I was trying to swim on the rocks!

Unwilling to let this mishap end the day as soon as it began, we continued our day on the beach until late afternoon.  I noticed that the loggerhead turtle nests were cordoned off and signs installed so that the eggs remain undisturbed until they hatch during the next full moon in September when the baby turtles emerge from the sand and follow the moonlight to the ocean. 

turtlenest loggerheadnest loggerheadnest2

All in all it was a lovely day but I was reminded quite startlingly how quickly everything can change, life can be as scary as it is wonderful and it’s the contrast between the 2 that shows us how lucky we really are!

waves wavesandpattern feet foam shellsand


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