We needed an Ark yesterday! Our first Flood in the yard

We have lived in the same house for 13 years.  We do live within about 5 miles of the very long and very deep Ashley River but we are uphill of it and so it never occurred to me that we might need flood insurance or ever run the risk of having a flood.  Yesterday, the weather called for heavy rain off and on all day, I even got a flash flood warning on my phone, but I have gotten plenty of those and nothing ever happens near me so I didn’t worry too much about it.  I love rainy days so I spent the day at home working on projects and feeling pretty cozy, had some wine spritzers but then I looked out into the backyard at about 430 or 5 and what I saw was a LAKE!  a lake had formed where my backyard used to be. 

floodrain3 flood flood1 flood2 flood3 flood4 floodrain floodrain2

So when normally I would love the sound of the rain, last night every time i heard another heavy rain band start, I worried that it might get into the house.  Right at the patio door there were at least 3-4 inches and that lake kept looking deeper and deeper but our slab was high enough to keep it out thankfully and with all my plants being in raised beds they are all fine as well just very well watered!  Of course we will have to see if the grass has drowned since even this morning half of the back yard was still flooded but had receded everywhere else.  I also know swarms of mosquitoes are about to hit us HARD.  Maybe there is something we can spray to keep that from happening.  Anyway, now i am seriously considering flood insurance, who knew?????


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