Photos from the garden in late June

I am very excited to say that I found 2 tiny cucumbers this weekend on my vines, there are lots of other blossoms but these are the first 2 actual cukes, look how cute:

secondcuke firstcuke

The squash plants are completely covered in huge yellow flowers, so far I have not seen any actual squash yet but think any day now I will.  I took this close up of a group of the flowers early in the morning

squashblossom squashplants

The peaches that I talked about in my last post are starting to change color and are continuing to ripen, this is furthuring my hope that we will for the first time have an actual peach harvest this year!


I have done some reading about growing eggplant and found out that they become fairly large shrub-like plants so I transplanted my largest one into it’s own pot since it has the best chance of producing fruit.  The others are still in the window box I started them in.  I am really looking forward to watching these progress since it’s my first ever attempt at growing them of all the years I have been gardening.

garden eggplant

I also wanted to share the photos I took of the little woodland garden under the pine tree, I am very surprised to see that the pink impatiens I planted for quick color back in April are still thriving and even spreading out.  I am constantly pruning the orange lantana in front of it so it doesn’t take over.  The hydrangea is particularly gorgeous this year if I do say so myself.  I feel kind of like a proud mama showing off her babies only these are my plant babies ha ha.

woodlandgardennew 2tonehydrangea darkhydrangea hydrangea


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