Gardens and flowers in full bloom

This has been a great year so far in the garden.  For the first time in about 3 years my gardenias bloomed and boy did they bloom!  I think we had enough cold weather in the last several years that it took all their energy to grow new foliage in the spring so that they never got around to blossoming like this before it got cold again, but of course that is only a theory.  Every year I feed them the special acidic miracle grow (it works on all evergreen plants, azalea, gardenia, hydrangea etc) about every 2-3 weeks to encourage their growth.  The hydrangeas are blooming pretty spectacularly right now I will post pics as soon as I get them, I have both the French lace and the traditional kind.  Last year they were deep dark purple and this year they are more of a periwinkle blue color.  Miracle grow is the best thing ever, I have always used it with that same frequency on my roses and keep them blooming from about March or April until January or later depending on our winter here and this year on all my vegetables and flowers.  I am hoping I can get them to bloom again this season, the blooms have faded so I just gave them some more miracid Monday night. 


Also we have our very first tomato!  I am excited!  Those plants are covered with yellow flowers so it looks like we will have a pretty good yield. 


I was also very surprised last night to note that we still have a lot of peaches on the peach tree and they are starting to change from green to having some yellow on them.  Last year I wrote about our 2 (yes only 2) very first peaches that have ever ripened on that tree since the girls and I planted it in 2002.  This year it looks as though I may have enough to actually make some peach cobbler and maybe even preserves.

Have a great day today and as always, thanks for reading 🙂


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