After a while, You Learn, a poem from years ago that still resonates

Many years ago, my sister, Debbie, found this poem somewhere and wrote it down and mailed it to me in a letter.  She was going through a divorce at the time (I think I was too) and these words really helped her.  I recently ran across it on Pinterest (go figure!) and I re-read it.  There is a lot of wisdom in its words, I mean, hopefully you learn as you go, sometimes you let the same things hurt you over and over again but I know I try each time to learn from the experience and try to make the necessary changes in my own attitude or behavior so that the same situation doesn’t repeat itself.  I know that I don’t always succeed, but I do try.  Sometimes we all forget how strong we really are and just need words of encouragement such as this to draw strength from. I wanted to share it because it’s a good reminder that every day we have a new chance to put on our “big girl panties” and stand tall through it all and come out the other side wiser and even stronger.

you learn


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