Container Garden Progress and Yard Art Finds

I had a very busy and productive Memorial day weekend.  I actually feel like I need a vacation but it was all worth it, I finally got the container garden moved to it’s permanent location on the back patio from the from the front porch where we get the most sun.  I started them out on the front porch at the end of February because it’s under a roof and they would be protected from the cold and heavy rain that could have drowned them when they were seedlings.  Last week, the restaurant next door to work was demolishing it’s outdoor bar area and they had a big pile of wood they were going to throw away, I noticed a 3-4inch thick, very large, wooden bar-top right away and asked one of the workers if I could have it.  He looked at me like I was nuts but called his boss and it was ok so he loaded it into my car.  I knew the size was perfect for a platform for the container garden.  The patio is concrete so it gets way too hot in the summer to put plant pots directly on it, it cooks their roots.  There was an extra 2×4 attached to it.  We flipped the bar upside down since there was a support piece that ran the length of it so we attached the extra 2×4 vertically right in the center.  We bought a $6 piece of 8ft wooden lattice that we cut in half and I spray clear coated to preserve it from water damage and attached it on both sides to the center vertical piece.  I love the way it came out.  When the season is over I am planning to paint it so it looks a little prettier but for right now it’s serving it’s function. 

containergarden2 containergarden

It is currently being supported off the ground by 4 paint cans but for a permanent solution we have some industrial steel casters in the garage I found at the habitat for humanity store years ago that we are planning to install so it can be easily moved around.  There was room on the ends for the other pots that have plants that don’t require support so everything but the tomato plants fit on this platform I think it’s about 4x8ft in size.  The hardest part was separating the squash and cuke plants, they really should have been moved weeks ago so they were all intertwined and had tendrils wrapped around each other.  It took some doing but I gently separated them and placed each one on the trellis and so far they look like they get the idea of growing up instead of across the ground and I think the wood will be strong enough to hold them once they bear fruit although they are still appearing a little bit spindly.  As of right now they have all flowered and still have more flower buds on them so I can’t wait to see what my yield will be.  I already regret not planting more types of veggies but this is only the first year so if this goes well, and with what I have learned from this, next year will be more varied and I definitely want some zucchinis.  I have harvested all of the lettuces and spinach and now that it is too hot to grow them outside I plan to plant another crop indoors, I just need to find a stand for them and I think they will grow in my dining room in front of the sliding glass door so we shall see, they were so delicious and I loved the convenience of harvesting them as needed so they were the freshest.  All I can say is this process has been very interesting and fun I don’t know why it’s been so many years since I tried to garden.  Does anyone else have any tips or ideas for container vegetable gardening?  If so, please feel free to share. 

On Mother’s day weekend, we went for a long hike along the Ashley River and I found a piece of art leaning against a retaining tarp on the road construction site onthe side of Rosebrock Park.  Something about it called to me and I felt like it was meant for me to find so here it is where I hung it on my ecclectic art fence and also below that where it was originally found.  I hang all sorts of things on the fence as you can see in the picture, you can also see the birdbath base that I found in the woods this past weekend where it lives now, I think it fits right in there.  I am going to look for a plastic birdbath top and use it as a planter stand since having a birdbath attracting birds to our yard with our killer cat in it is a bad idea.  I can’t decide whether to paint it or leave it in it’s naturally found state any thoughts from you readers?

artfence birdbath

just as I found it

just as I found it

Here are a couple more interesting pictures I took during that walk.  These were taken in Rosebrock Park in Summerville, the trails follow the Ashley River and there are even some Cypress trees and other flora, it is mine and Liliian’s new favorite hiking spot!

River reflection

River reflection


cypress "knees"

cypress “knees”


a red mushroom!

a red mushroom!




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