Homemade Drain cleaner, This is too good not to share!

Okay so this is yet another idea from pinterest, I was very skeptical about how this could work but when the super drain-o costs nearly $6 I decided to try it on our incredibly slow bath tub drain.  All it is is

1 c baking soda, 1 c. white vinegar and a teakettle full of very hot but not boiling water.  Pour the baking soda then the vinegar down the slow drain, it will be like a little volcano, cover with an old cloth for 30 min.  While you wait, put on a full kettle of water and let it heat to almost boiling.  After 30 min, remove the cloth and pour the entire ketllefull down the drain.  It’s

This worked like a miracle.  2 weeks ago I used a bottle of the store bought “drain snake” liquid and it did nothing for this drain, after this simple recipe, my drain works like perfectly new, so this is one more idea that I will continue to use and never buy commercial drain cleaning products again, can’t beat the price and more importantly cannot beat results like this!!!!


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