Cardinal Nest and Harvesting my first lettuce

I checked on the cardinal nest when I got home last night and there were 3 eggs in it so that’s a good sign, I could swear there were only 2 last time I looked.  I am really hoping for a better outcome for this little family.


We were having soft tacos for dinner, so I decided to harvest some of my own lettuces to use in them.  Now that I have tried lettuce that has just been cut, I will have a hard time eating store bought again.  This is a mix of 2 types of lettuce and also spinach because I love fresh spinach!  It was delicious and I just cut it with scissors leaving about an inch and a half still attached to see if it will grow back like I heard it would, I will let you know about that!

Freshly cut and delicious!

Freshly cut and delicious!

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading as always!


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