Mourning Dove loss and Cardinal gain, the circle of life

I have bad news about the mourning dove family.  They continued to sit on the nest for more than a week after we moved it but the eggs never hatched.  I saw the 2 of them sitting in the other maple tree next to the one their nest had been moved to, then they flew away.  I don’t know what went wrong with the eggs but nature works in mysterious ways, I did some reading about these doves and read that if something like this happens, they will go somewhere else and start anew, I hope their next brood is a success.  They do mate for life and will continue to build nests and lay eggs through their 2 year lifespan.  I haven’t had the heart to take the planter down out of the tree yet, I see no rush.  When I do, I may try and preserve that nest in my garden.

On a brighter note, right after all this happened, I noticed an active Cardinal nest at the very end of our hawthorne hedge along the front porch.  I see mama cardinal coming and going and haven’t heard baby bird noises yet but I do have a pic of that nest with 1 egg in it.  It’s located right behind our porch swing.  Seeing this new nest gave me hope.  I don’t know why but I have always been drawn to birds, they make me feel serene, just watching them fly.  I will now keep you posted on the new cardinal family.  The show must go on, nature stops for  no one!

Take care, thanks for reading!


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