Mama mourning dove has been relocated to a safer place

I believe we have solved the problem of our cat possibly getting into the mourning dove nest by re-locating the entire planter to a high branch in the maple tree in front of our house.  My husband, being the patient man that he is, got the ladder out on Sunday morning and then patiently let me point out the branch that I thought she would be safe in.  I have never seen MoMo in this tree and certainly not this high.  Mama’s nest is sheltered by the branches above, from rain, so we are much more hopeful that her brood will hatch and fly away in a safer environment.  I still don’t hear any little baby bird noises coming from up there and now I certainly won’t be able to photograph them as easily as I could when they lived on the front porch but as of this morning, mama was still in there, sitting on her eggs.  Actually, when my husband moved the planter, she stayed in it the whole time, even though he moved it to 2 locations before the final one.  That is how comfortable she has become with human contact.  I was really amazed by that.  So, I will continue to keep you posted on their progress.  Mo was looking for them on the porch after we moved them but quickly lost interest and headed for the back yard where there are more things to chase.  So I feel confident saying “tragedy averted!”

new home among the maple branches

new home among the maple branches

My container garden is coming along well also, the squash and cucumber plants all have multiple leaves now and are much taller.  I successfully transplanted the eggplant sprouts into their own windowbox.  My lettuce is just about ready for my first harvest.  I plan to snip the leaves leaving an inch growing in the pots, I read that they will re-grow from there allowing for continual harvesting. I will let you know if that works out.  As always, thanks for reading!



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