Preserving Mama Dove and Brood’s Safety

Mama bird is still sitting those eggs, I check every night when I get home from work hoping I will hear the babies chirping.  Tuesday night I did hear baby birds chirping and I got all excited but then realized it was a different nest full of baby birds that were in the hedge on the side of the driveway.  I do have a pretty major concern for the mourning dove brood.  I have a beautiful 2 year old white cat named MoMo (we call her Mo) that insists on living most of her life outside and she is a ruthless hunter.  She has been since she was a baby.  I have had many cats over the years and all of them have been exclusively indoor pets.  This one was different.  Even as a baby kitten she wanted to be outside, it got to the point when she was about 6-8 months old that it became impossible to keep her inside.  Even on rainy days when she doesn’t want to go out, she gets restless and tends to cause trouble inside as if it is our fault it’s raining.  She will climb the curtains, scratch the furniture, get on the kitchen counter, all because she wants out.  I have deliberately taken down any bird feeder that I have had in the yard.  Even though I would love to feed them and watch them, I can’t put their lives at risk by attracting them to my yard.  Despite that, we have many many birds in and near the yard because it is so well treed.

Monday night I saw her on the back patio with a bird in her mouth and I was completely horrified, it was too late for that bird but seriously if she lays a paw on these baby doves that I have been waiting for she is going to have to move out.  So far she has not noticed the nest but mama is very quiet.  Once those babies are chirping I am going to be worried all the time, I think the noise of them will attract her.  The hawthorne shrubs will not deter her.  This cat can climb onto the top of our metal gazebo in back and use it to get herself onto the roof of our house.  She is not only fearless but also extremely strong and agile.  She walked on the top of our wooden fence without a problem. Last night she stalked and thought she would take on a 3ft tall owl that landed in our pine tree.  That owl could have picked her up and carried her away, she only weighs a little over 8lbs.

does this fuzzy white cat look like a ruthless killer?  Looks are deceiving!

Savannah and MoMo as baby kittens

Savannah and MoMo as baby kittens

So, my question is this.  Does anyone out there have any suggestions for me?  I just haven’t been able to think of a thing I can do to make sure this cat doesn’t find these baby birds.  I really can’t stand the thought of anything happen to them, I have bonded with them and their mom more than I even realized that I would.


3 thoughts on “Preserving Mama Dove and Brood’s Safety

    1. lynsey66 Post author

      Oh we know where she is all the time, she is out killing innocent creatures. Hopefully she kills mice and rats too not just birds.


  1. lynsey66 Post author

    We have moved mama to a better location high in the maple tree, Mo MO won’t find her there and mama didn’t even fly away when Brian picked up the whole planter, climbed a ladder and hooked it on the new branch, amazing, I keep checking on her and she is still in there covering those eggs!



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