Mama Dove Keeping her Eggs Warm during the rain, and other news

Well, this blogger has been sick in bed for 2 days now.  It figures too because I was just bragging recently that I had managed to make it through the winter, working in a doctor’s office, without catching anything, yeah well famous last words!!!  I am sick as a dog, and speaking of dogs, my dog Lily and my cat Savannah have not left my side, lying next to me in bed all day.  It’s nice to have the company and I have been catching up on my netflix cue, so thats not so bad either.  I actually saw an amazing documentary called Ayn Rand and the prophecy of Atlas Shrugged.  I read the book in high school and again about 5 years ago.  If you haven’t read it, read it.  If you have Netflix, look up this documentary, just saying…’s that good!  It’s amazing how prophetic this book, published in 1957, seems to be.  Eerily so.

Anyway, It rained starting Thursday night, and was cold and raw.  I checked on Mama Dove to see how she was doing, she was hunkered down, on top of her eggs and I haven’t seen her move off of them at all in days now.  I did some research about them and apparently they are a monogamous species and usually the male and female doves both take turns incubating the eggs.  I think I have only seen one bird in or near this nest which leads me to believe something must have happened to the other parent, that is sad ot that they look so much alike I can’t tell them apart, I hope its the latter.  It takes 2 weeks for them to hatch so we are halfway there!  11-15 days after hatching the new baby birds will start fledging.  This process is going to go by pretty quick. Really only another few weeks total. I am really enjoying them!

mamadove2 mamadove

My container garden is progressing albeit slowly. I’m glad I started them when I did back in February. I am definitely going to have more summer squash than I will know what to do with, I am planning to flash freeze as much as I can for winter.  Interestingly, a month since I planted, my eggplant sprouts have shown up.  I had given up on them and already planted some squash plants in their planter so when they get bigger I plan to move them into another pot.  The lettuces and spinach are growing but very, very slowly as well.  Still not big enough to harvest.  They are in the green windowbox planter and the small round ceramic planter in the pictures.

look closely, the big 2 leaf plants are squash, the tiny tiny sprouts are the eggplant!

look closely, the big 2 leaf plants are squash, the tiny tiny sprouts are the eggplant!

garden garden2 squash


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