Mama Mourning Dove’s Nest and her second egg

Mama mourning dove produced another egg yesterday!  I had no idea that birds could lay eggs days apart but I am positive that there was only 1 egg in there on Sunday.  Last night when I got home from work , I took these pictures and when she flew over to her branch I held the camera up over the top of the nest and when I looked in the camera to see the picture I got, there were 2 eggs in there!  It will be interesting to see if she produces any more after this and to see how long it takes for them to hatch.  I feel like she is part of our family now or at least a little feathered neighbor.

Check these out:

2 eggs in the nest mamadove mamadove2


5 thoughts on “Mama Mourning Dove’s Nest and her second egg



    Mama Dove is sweet! Please keep me posted.

    Any advice as to how I can attract a Painted Bunting to my feeder?

    I use a specific food just for the bunting, but no luck. The food worked

    when I lived on I.O.P. but no luck here.

    I have been patiently waiting for five yrs.

    Miss my Bunting,




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