Home Made DIY Home Air Freshener Tabs

Last night’s project was home air freshener tabs from a recipe I saw on Pinterest.  You need:

2 cups of baking soda, 2 cups of distilled or boiled then cooled water, essential oil for scent and ice cube trays or mini muffin pan (I used a mini muffin pan)

deodorizing tabs tools and ingredients

Mix only enough water into the baking soda to make a thick paste, add essential oil, I used about 10 drops each of cinnamon and orange. Then you have this:

 deodorizing tabs mixture

Pack the mixture tightly into your ice cube trays or muffin pan and let dry completely.  ******I live in a very humid climate so I pre-heated my oven to 200 put them in and shut it off and let them sit overnight, that dried them out completely.  I was able to make 17 2inch tabs with this recipe. Allow 24-48 hours depending on your humidity level.  I checked mine this morning and they already felt dry at 12 hours.  Store them in an airtight container until you use them.

deodorizing tabs

These air freshening tabs are useful for any area in your home that you want to freshen; closets, under sinks, bathrooms, cat litter box.  On Pinterest, the original recipe said the scent lasts about a month or so.  When they are spent you can crumble them into a load of laundry or run them through the garbage disposal to freshen them (with the exception of the ones you have in cat litter box LOL, those will just disintegrate into the litter eventually).  *** update, I am using these 2 at a time in my cat litter box and they are working really well, this is just about the best use for them so far and they do just disintegrate into the litter after about a week.

It only took me a few minutes to make them and cost only pennies so if they work like they said they do, I won’t have to buy any more expensive plug ins or room air freshening products.  Good luck and let me know how yours turn out!  As always, thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Home Made DIY Home Air Freshener Tabs

  1. er03-crosby@comcast.net

    Very cool !! Goanna make some tonight. I hope they work!  I went from keeping dog/cat food in my car for strays to

    bringing um home and keeping them until I can find um homes , so if this works it will save me about $15 bucks a month

    on air fresheners !!  I think I’ll use patchouli oil. Love the idea of smelling p atchouli when scooping the litter box.!! 🙂

    Thanks! Rae




    1. lynsey66 Post author

      That’s great Rae! I tried to take one of mine out of the pan last night after only 24 hours and it didn’t stay together, I put the pieces of it in the cat litter anyway, I agre I would rather smell orange-cinnamon in there but your patchouli idea sounds good too. I am letting them dry out some more, I heated the oven to 200 and shut it off and let them sit in there overnight. I think because of the humidity in our area it takes longer for things to dry. Let me know how yours work out.


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