My Floors are so Clean! Using the cleaner I made myself!

I have laminate or hardwood floors in all but 1 room of my house.  On Saturday, I was doing some spring cleaning and needed to wash most of them.  I usually use a damp microfiber mopping pad and glass cleaner and that has worked pretty well.  This time, I decided to try the multi-purpose cleaner that I made, myself, out of white vinegar with citrus peels steeped in it (for about 3 weeks), water, borax and orange essential oil.  I mixed it half vinegar mix, 2tbs borax and half water in a spray bottle.  I can’t believe how clean my floors are!  All I had to do was spray it directly on the floor and wipe with the mop.  That cleaner broke up everything that was on the floors and left them like new and the entire house smelling fresh.  I even used it to touch up my oak floor in the dining room.  I was worried that the vinegar smell might be too overwhelming but it wasn’t at all.  This is an extremely cost-effective (just pennies to make) and cleaning effective solution, I highly recommend it, let me know how it works for you!  Your floors and your wallet will thank you.

orange vinegar

The other vinegar cleaning idea that I have tried with success is to fill your dishwasher’s rinse aid dispenser with the same citrus-vinegar mixture.  This one I was originally skeptical about especially since I don’t usually use a rinse aid although my glassware had become filmy over time, presumably from the dishwasher.  Well my glasses are sparkling and clear and look like new again so this trick gets an A+++ from me!

Tonight’s project:  home-made deodorizing cubes!


2 thoughts on “My Floors are so Clean! Using the cleaner I made myself!

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    Oh I wasn’t making a comment on your age, I am older than you after all like you remind me every year on my birthday hee hee hee.



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