Mama mourning dove and her nest among the pansies

On Easter Sunday, I went out to the front porch to water my plants and to my surprise there was a little mourning dove sitting in my hanging basket of pansies!  I startled her and she took flight, which startled me!  She was off in a rush of flapping wings and brownish/gray feathers, alighting in the maple tree to watch me intently as I walked closer to the basket to investigate.  Inside, among the purple and yellow pansies, there was a beautifully constructed pine straw nest containing one small white egg about the size of my thumb.  Throughout the course of the day, every time I went out front I could see that she was watching me, warily, with her little dark eyes from inside her nest.  She was unalarmed, most times, with us coming outside but many times when we stood to go back in, she would fly over to that maple branch, startled, and wait for us to be safely away from her baby to be.  At about 8pm a thunderstorm quickly blew in and she hunkered down so far that only the top of her head and one eye was visible.  If you didn’t know she was there you probably wouldn’t have even seen her.  I noticed then how perfect her choice of location was.  She is under the roof of the front porch and in the front so that when it rains combined with wind, it doesn’t get to her or her nest like it would if she had chosen one of the ends.  She is protected by the hawthorne bushes that are planted along the length of the front of the porch.  Those bushes also provide camouflage for her as well.  The height of the basket will prevent predators such as my own killer cat MoMo from being able to reach her up there.  She is one smart mama bird.  I am quite fond of her already and am very much looking forward to her egg hatching and seeing her baby grow.  I will post pictures along the way!


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