Rosebrock Park Nature Walk

As part of our effort to live a more natural life, we have been looking for places to take walks with our dog Lily instead of just spending all weekend every week just doing chores around the house or watching tv.  Walking is also excellent physical therapy for my back.  Recently we heard about a new park in Summerville between route 61 and Bacon’s Bridge Road.  Apparently, some months ago, Dorchester County bought this land from a developer who had gone bankrupt.  I, for one, am eternally grateful that there will be one less subdivision near our house, the traffic is already ridiculous.  The county decided to turn this tract of land along the Ashley river into a park with walking trails through the woods and along the river.  Eventually it will also have camp site, cabins and boat rentals.  All of this within 5 miles of our house!  We are so lucky.  We took Lily and set off to see how long it would take to walk the entire circuit.  It was a gorgeous 90 minute walk at a brisk pace.  The trails are well marked and the scenery is beautiful.  The only drawback was that we could hear the traffic so that detracted a bit from the serenity of the forest scenery.  We will definitely be going back to walk the trail that follows the Ashley.  For anyone who lives in the lowcountry, Rosebrock Park is definitely worth checking out!  Right now it’s still free but once they have everything installed, there will be a fee.  As you will see from the pictures in this gallery, it’s a very pretty area to enjoy the lowcountry’s natural beauty!

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One thought on “Rosebrock Park Nature Walk

  1. lynsey66 Post author

    Can it be a 2 year plan instead of 3??? Yes, I think colby would love to take a walk at this park, Lily and I will go with you!



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