Memento Mori and Merry Christmas!




I know it’s Christmastime but this past week this has been on my mind a lot.  Memento Mori in Latin means “remember your mortality”.  Every day I am conscious of the fact that life is very fragile and unpredictable.  I have known that every single day since I lost my brother when I was 10 and it has gotten stronger over the years with more losses.  I listen to so many people bitch and complain about their lives while making no effort to change the things they complain about as if someone or something will magically intervene on their behalf and with no effort on their part. Or that by the very complaining their lives will transform into all they have ever dreamed of.  I am not saying I have never been guilty of this myself but just so many people day after day bitching and moaning about the same things and too many people in general spending too much of their time unhappy.  I guess to me, Memento Mori makes me think that I want to do what I can not to focus on the negativity and sadness in the world but to try and accentuate the positives.  I faced my own mortality November 4, 2012, I have a different perspective now.  I cannot dwell on or get upset about things that have nothing to do with me.  Tragedy happens every day all over the world but all I can do is to try and make my little corner of it brighter, if I can smile at a stranger, let someone into traffic, get a patient an appointment quickly when they really need it, all these things and more I work on every day.  Sometimes I think I am paying back a huge Karmic balance from somewhere but pay it forward I will.  I actually would much prefer that someone else smile than myself.  I don’t always have a lot to smile about but I think if I can make someone else’s day brighter in some way it does make me a happier person.  Just something to think about this holiday season……Memento Mori…………life is just too short to waste day after day miserable, spread joy and it will come back to you tenfold, Merry Christmas!!!


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