Mediterranean Torte aka “The Big Sandwich”

We have been making this one for years and it has always been a favorite even when the kids were younger and picky eaters.  I adapted this from a Martha Stewart recipe I saw in a magazine many years ago but the way I make it is completely different from hers at this point.  I only made it her way once 🙂 **********.I just made this a week ago when Jamie was here so I decided to copy the original post with the new pictures.

2 loaves frozen bread dough, thawed1 pkg frozen spinach thawed and drained thoroughly (squeeze all the water out by hand) 1/2 lb each of deli ham, provolone, salami (although you can also make it with turkey or any other meats/cheeses you like this recipe is very flexible)1 can jumbo black olives, sliced (optional sauteed diced onion).  Take 1 loaf of dough and spread it out in a large shallow baking dish ( I use my pampered chef round stoneware baker)2.  Start layering ingredients, I usually put a layer of ham first and make sure there is a layer of cheese over the spinach.3.  flatten your other dough loaf and put it on top pinching the edges so they stay closed.4.  Brush with egg wash, (1 egg and 2tsp water) so it comes out golden brown. Bake at 400 for 30-40 minutes or until completely golden brown.  Serve in wedges like a pie. It is also great cold for picnics, you can make it ahead and slice it up and bring it anywhere! 


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