Day 3 of hospitalization after ALIF surgery


This was written in the hospital on 10-22-12 and I just found it, I don’t really remember writing it but I wanted to share it, it shows the reality of hospitalization:

Welcome to day 3 of hospitalization.  I am feeling better for the most part.  This morning my surgeon came in to see me at 730am.  On a Sunday even!!  That was impressive, he reiterated my patient care plan while he was there.  I was very groggy from the medicine the nurse gave me at 6.  It seems like there is always someone coming in for one reason or another and I must say they are all very compassionate.  There was one nurse the first day I was here who did not fit this description.  I had just come out of the recovery room where they also didn’t give me any pain medicine.  I was crying by the time I got to my room.  I was trying desperately to get myself into bed and finally made it.  She came in and said, after I asked her to turn on my pain pump, “I have 20 patients who may need to be moved to different wards, so I will take care of them before I take care of someone whose chief complaint is “just pain”!  Just pain????  How is someone supposed to feel after having major abdominal surgery?  That kind of post surgical pain must not be taken so lightly!  Would she be doing cartwheels if she were in my place??  Doubtful!!!!!  This continued to be a battle every time there was a nurse shift change.  Between my experience with my sister’s hospitalizations through the years and now my own, there seems to be a huge lack of understanding  of pain itself and the management of pain in the medical community.  The attitude seems to be to assume that every patient is a drug seeker until proven otherwise.  This does not produce good feelings toward medical professionals from a patient’s perspective.  I have felt like I am under scrutiny and suspicion when I have seen doctors up until I found the doctors I have now, whom I am so amazingly grateful for.


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