Water Color Paintings and altering effects

I was going through some old pictures in a box when I found these 2 greeting cards.  They are little watercolor paintings done by my sister Debbie.  I knew that she painted but as far as I knew she threw away any painting that she made.  She never thought they were any good.  I have rarely met an artist who thinks that their own work is good.  I am guilty of throwing away some of the pieces I have made as well.  I remember one time there was a challenge at the company where she worked.  They challenged the employees to bring in a piece of art that they had made.  The art was then on display for a month. Debbie won. It was a fall forest scene, I really liked it.  Afterward I asked her if I could have the winning painting and she told me she had taken it straight to the dumpster after work.  I couldn’t believe it.  It was very disappointing to me.  I found these, they appear to be works in progress but I wanted to share them because even unfinished they are pretty good. 

After I scanned them I used the pixlr website program to add some effects to them.  Here is the result after I did some effects like waterswirl and HDR and with the apples I tried the “art poster” effect and I like that it came out looking a bit Warhol-esque, I might even frame 4 of these and hang them together. I was able to adjust the color incrementally, I think they look pretty cool and maybe she would even approve 🙂


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