Diane Arbus, Photographer, Inspiration

I really believe there are things nobody would see if I didn’t photograph them.
Diane Arbus

I find the photographs of Diane Arbus fascinating for many reasons.  The main thing is that she took pictures of subjects that no one else had thought to preserve on film, the marginalized, the ‘freaks” of our society or even the absurd.  Her pictures were not beautiful in the classic sense but yet they were because they showed the diversity of the human condition, of the human species.  They are always intriguing and definitely make you think.  She lurked in corners, at the Coney Island sideshows, in New York City parks and she froze moments in time that most people wouldn’t have even noticed much less remembered.  Her unsmiling twin girls are iconic.  Many people have seen them few realize who took their photo that December day when they were on their way to a Christmas party.  When I read that detail for the first time, it made me think “why don’t they look happy if they are going to a Christmas party?.”  The quote of hers that I have shared above made me think about why I take pictures myself.  This thought resonates with me because I feel the same way.  Some of the pictures I take are to preserve a moment in time, a subject others might not notice so that I can share it with whomever looks at it and hope they will notice what I did or even think about it and notice some other detail.  To make people think, is the reason for all art forms. 



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