Creative Sweet 16 Photo Ideas

I took these photos at Azalea Sculpture Park in Summerville of my daughter’s 16th birthday party.  She wanted to take some pictures with her friends and I wanted them to be a little more unique than the usual group pictures.  We are lucky to have this gorgeous park right in our own town and the party itself was at a little cafe that offered a real southern “high tea” party.  They were served little finger tea sandwiches and cookies served on china dishes and they all wore their favorite dresses.  Her birthday is in February and in our area that is the time that the camelia trees are in full bloom.  I saw all the pink petals on the ground so I told them all to gather up a good handful of the fallen blossoms then throw them in the air simultaneously.  I had them do this several times to make sure I got a good shot of it.  I used my Nikon digital camera.  The picture of their reflection in the water was really an accident.  They were standing in a row by the reflecting pool and I took a picture of them but when I looked at the water I realized that the pond was so still that their reflections were pretty clear and were another photo opportunity on their own.  I think it’s really all about thinking outside the box and looking around with an artist’s eye at the potential backgrounds that are available for your particular photo shoot.  I am really pleased with the result and these pictures are a lovely memory of my daughter and her best friends when they were on the edge of adulthood.  It’s a moment frozen in time.  As I write this, these girls have all graduated from college, gone out into the working world and many of them including my daughter are either married or engaged to be married.  They have reached full adulthood now so this makes me feel even more nostalgic about this set of photographs.


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