ATC’s My own Artist Trading Cards

I am in the process of making myself some artist trading cards or as they are widely known “ATC’s”.  I first saw the idea for these in Somerset Studio artzine a few years ago. That magazine is extremely inspirational. Each is a unique piece of mixed media art but can be similar to one other, reflecting your individual style as an artist.  The idea is for an artist to carry these around and when you meet another artist you exchange these little cards that offer an example of the kind of art you create with your contact information on the back.  An artistic business card, as it were.  I took some cardstock scraps, I actually bought a whole pack of them at AC Moore for only 3.99 in assorted colors and all are under 3×5. I cut up an artist’s sponge (similar to a makeup sponge) and used it to apply aqua blue and apple green acrylic paint all over the surface of each card on both sides.  I have been using old wine corks as stamps on some other pieces I am working on so I took those and dipped them in black, pink, lavender and bright blue to create “bubbles”.  My trading cards will reflect me and my own style so I am using images that I copied from my set of tarot cards as well as some other ephermera, tags, scraps and fabric that I have lying around my work room.  Tarot card art is fascinating to me, each tarot card image is full of detail and the faces of the characters on my set of cards reminds me of the middle ages.  To seal them when they are complete I like to use clear gel glue mixed with water and bushed over the finished surfaces.  It makes a lightweight sealant with a matte finish.  I like the idea that each card is a small, unique piece of artwork in itself and that they are portable and can be given out to other artists or really to anybody you meet, much like a business card.  I am looking forward to collecting some myself.


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