Super Easy and cute T Shirt Skirts


I tried yet another idea I saw on Pinterest.  You just get a T-shirt, at least 3 sizes too big, actually the bigger the better, I will explain why.  I used 3X and 4X.  Cut the shirt across the front right under the arms.  Wind your bobbin with elastic thread.  Wind a bunch of them because it takes a lot of thread to do this project, they come in 30yd spools so I bought 4.  You can top stitch with matching or contrasting thread.  Try it with matching first so if you make some mistakes while learning the shirring technique they won’t show.  Set your machine to a long stitch length, on mine I used 4.  Start at the very top of the cut edge of the shirt and sew around the top, I used half my pressure foot as a seam gauge.  It’s like magic, the fabric starts to shirr immediately.  Continue making rows all the way around, one pressure foot width apart.  I made between 5-7 rows, the more rows you have, the smaller the waist gets, one of mine was too loose so I added more rows until it fit better.  This gives you a shirred waist skirt, the hem is done for you so you don’t need to touch it.  You can make as many rows as you want, try it on partway and see if you want a wider waistband or a thinner one.  On a maxi skirt, a wide one would be great.  I started playing around with the idea and made 2 skirts with elastic waistbands as well.  I made a pocket at the top about 1 inch wide and I stitched the top of the pocket so when it was finished it gave a bit of a ruffled effect, like the way you make drapes for your windows.  I also used my machine’s decorative stitch around the hem.  Next time I will do that in a contrasting color, this time I matched it, in navy blue.  2 of the skirts were made of jersey knit fabric remnants and honestly those 2 came out better than the ones made of T Shirts.  I think the T shirt fabric being thin doesn’t lend itself as well to shirring so when buying the shirts look for the “heavyweight” ones.  Hancock Fabrics was having a sale this week so I bought more jersey knit fabric, navy blue, light pink and royal blue so I can’t wait for the weekend to make a few more, it’s a fun project to play around with and make the way you want it.  I hope you try this project, you don’t need to be an expert in sewing to do this one.  Please come back and let me know how yours comes out in the comment section! 

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