Summer Chicken and Pasta Salad



This is a recipe I picked up at a neighborhood cookout a few years ago.  Everytime I make it, it gets rave reviews so I thought I would share it with you now that it’s cookout season.  I have to thank my friend Ron for the pictures on this post, he made it with tri color rotini and I think it looks prettier than my version with shells, it definitely added some color.


Summer Salad

 2 chicken breasts, cooked, cooled and then cubed

 1 box shells, cooked al dente’ and cooled

 1c real mayo (Hellman’s is the best)

 ¼ c yellow mustard

 ¼ c sweet relish

 1 can whole kernel corn

 1t seasoned salt

 Mix together mayo, mustard, relish and seasoned salt, pour over chicken and pasta, serve cold.   If made a day ahead may need extra mayo when serving.  Recipe can be doubled easily for parties.




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