First Peach on my tree…..Ever!

I came home from work last night and was sitting outside on the patio like I usually do when I happened to look up and I saw a great big, almost ripe peach on our peach tree.  I was so excited, I made Stephanie come outside and look at it.  She did a good job of seeming interested.  I immediately started snapping pics of it and noticed another one, so there are 2.  This is significant because we planted this tree 10 years ago and since then, every year, it has beautiful pink blossoms that turn into tiny green fruit that never ripen. They either fall off or the squirrels eat them. Last year I thought to myself that I would just enjoy the pretty flowers in the spring and the shade it offers to the patio area and not worry about it bearing fruit.  Then this year, miraculously, there are 2 beautiful peaches on it.  They are almost ready to be picked, I want to give them a couple more days to fully ripen.  I have to admit, this tree has now set a precedent and I will be disappointed if there is no repeat performance next year.  We shall see, but for now, it really made my day to see them and I can’t wait to try them!



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