Shells, shells and more shells, here is the wreath I made with them




After my birthday trip to Edisto Beach back in June, I brought home a large bucket of assorted shells.  I usually use them as a type of mulch in my “Zen” garden (more about that in another entry).  This time there was a surplus and I got the idea to make something out of them to preserve the lovely memories from that day.  I have seen wreaths made of shells in gift shops and they can be really expensive.  It means more as a memory when I make it myself so this was yesterday’s project, I really like the way it turned out.





To make the shell wreath:

I used a heart-shaped wire frame to give it sturdiness.

Cut a heavy piece of cardboard into the shape you want

Glue the wire frame to the back of the cardboard shape, I used “Mighty Mend It” glue

Spray paint the cardboard form so a color shows through the shells, not cardboard

Apply a light coat of decoupage medium to the painted form and sprinkle a thin layer of sand or crushed shells and allow to dry.  I used crushed shells.

Thoroughly wash and dry your shells before using so they don’t “smell like the beach” later on or you can buy pretty shells at any craft store.

I recommend arranging your shells on your form before committing to gluing them down.  The largest ones should be placed first as a background adding smaller and smaller shells in each consecutive layer until the form is covered.

When you are happy with your arrangement, glue each shell in place with hot glue, more is better in this case.

As a final touch, I used pieces of sea glass to add color and texture.



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