Of days of coffee and playdates

I was sitting at the park here on the island during my lunch break the other day.  I like to go there and take walks or just to catch up on my reading, it’s a gorgeous place, right on the Wando River.  I looked over at the area where there is a fountain and small waterpark only big enough for tiny children, not a full scale park.  Anyway, it was a hot day and 2 young mothers walked up with strollers.  The children appeared to be about 18 months old, a boy and a girl.  As soon as their little feet hit the ground they were running with glee through the water features.  Their expressions were of pure joy, their movements of pure exuberance and delight.  The young mothers rolled up their capri pantlegs to follow their babies while they chatted with each other, smiling.  It was a beautiful sight.  It really took me back to those carefree days of young motherhood, when we all had the time to chat and visit while the little ones played together.  We met at parks, each other’s houses or wherever, it wasn’t a very well planned thing, just something we did.  A couple times a year, we each brought our kids’ outgrown clothing for a swap.  It was like an auction of sorts with mothers saying “who needs size 2T snow pants?” and such.  We always had a good time together and the kids were never lonely for playmates.  As the years went by, one by one, we all went back to work and now we only have time for the occasional phone call or random funny card that we find or even a facebook message to remind us of each other.  I am only being nostalgic not morose.  Those memories make me smile.  The kids are grown or almost grown now.  Some have graduated from college, the youngest are now in high school.  I wish we had known at the time how fleeting that phase is, then maybe we wouldn’t have stressed so much over the little things but then again maybe we would have anyway.


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