Parenthood 2.0 Remembering the last phase and entering the next

Some of my favorite times are when I am talking with my kids.  It’s amazing to me that these people started off as those little babies I had so long ago.  At least it seems like long ago now.  I really enjoy the people they have grown into.  It’s really interesting to hear their take on things and listen to their ideas.  Dinner at the table seems to be the best way to get all of us in one place long enough to have these conversations.  Sadly we don’t do that every night but are working on making it happen several times a week, at least.  Last night, we were all talking while sitting in my room after dinner and suddenly I was transported back in time to when they were little and how much different our evenings were then.  I told my daughter that sometimes I wish I could go back, even just for a day, to a time when they were little and our lives were more intertwined.  I miss the bedtime rituals of baths and storytimes and the feeling that they truly needed me.  She said that she sometimes wished the same thing.  She has always said she didn’t want to be a grown up and she still feels that way now even though she is 22, a college graduate and an engaged to be married woman.  I find that funny because I was the complete opposite.  I can’t remember a time when I didn’t think about being a grown up and having my own place.  I never thought of the responsibilities as a scary proposition.  I couldn’t wait to start my own little family, which I did by age 20.  My son seems to feel the way I did about growing up.  He talks a lot about the future and getting his own place and how great it will be to be on his own.  None of my kids seem to feel in a rush to start their own families though and this is fine by me.  I am in no rush to be called Gramma….gasp!  For now, I am relishing this time with them while they are still living at home because I know the time is growing short and soon enough, the nest will be empty and we will move on to a new phase in our relationships.  Just like the baby phase, this one too, shall pass………….


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