Standing at the water's edge

Love affair with the ocean or My Perfect Day

Standing at the water's edge



I love the ocean.  I guess I always have.  There is just something about the air, the breeze and the waves that soothes my soul.  The beaches in NH were rocky and the water was always cold.  I think it reached maybe 65 degrees in the height of summer.  It was always worth the 1 hour drive to get out there but usually in the off season to go for a walk since the water was really too cold to swim in.  After we moved south I wanted to visit all the beaches surrounding our new home and there are many.  Most are about 30 minutes drive away.  The water here gets to be in the high 80’s in the summer and is lovely for swimming.  The beaches all have their charms.  Isle of Palms is beautiful and the sand is soft, there are very few shells and the waves are usually gentle.  Folly Beach is popular with kids, the waves are bigger and a lot of people go there to surf especially if a storm is off the coast that causes the waves to be even bigger than normal.  It’s very touristy and there are plenty of hotels, restaurants and beach gear shops.  By far, my favorite is Edisto Beach.  It is about an hour’s drive away but I love that it’s very natural and not touristy at all.  When we first moved to the area there was only 1 store, of course now there are more than that but it’s still very quiet and I always find the atmosphere restful and replenishing.  There are literally piles of shells on this beach, an amazing number of them to look through.  There are even prehistoric shark teeth to be found if you are willing to get right in there and dig and look.  Yesterday, the air was so refreshing and the breeze was just right.  I was standing at the edge of the water watching it come and go and it felt so peaceful and rejuvenating to think about how small my individual problems are when comparing my existence against the mighty constancy of the ocean. I looked up and watched a flock of pelicans fly over.  I took over 100 pictures.  I walked and walked with my dog, who was loving the waves and when we went home, I felt amazing.  I must remind myself to make the effort to get out there more often.  I sometimes take for granted that since we live here and it’s always there that I can go anytime and then my schedule fills up with “must do’s” and I put it off week after week.  I think I need to remember how important it is to take time out for things that make me feel this good.


2 thoughts on “Love affair with the ocean or My Perfect Day

  1. Ron Ellstrom-Oliver

    I found you again! I look forward to your insightful posts on a daily basis! Reading these lead me to believe that my lfe isn’t as difficult as it seems! Keep up the good work, Lyn!


  2. Harlequins aka Carol

    I love the ocean too. But pelicans are not a feature on the British coast! Sounds really exotic! I have always found the bracing sea breeze to be most invigorating and special. Cleansing. I feel a great affinity with the sea – you are never really far from it where I come from.
    To do things for yourself is something we all forget to do. Indulge that and feel the energy come back once more. To be somewhere beautiful and just soak it in…. powerful healing energy.



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