RMS Titanic

Titanic Dreams

RMS Titanic

unsinkable ship of dreams

For some reason I have had a fascination with the Titanic most of my life.  I think I first heard of the story in a book when I was in third grade.  At that time it was still a mystery what happened to her or where she was.  I had dreams about it.  Sometimes I dreamt I was there.  I remember vividly when I heard someone had finally found her after so many years of searching in 1985.  Since then we have learned what happened that night when she hit an iceberg and the passengers barely even felt a bump and yet she sank less than 3 hours later.  The story of the musicians amazed me the most.  The way they were described as continuing to play on deck calmly until their last song “Nearer My God to Thee” shortly before the sinking.  I can’t even imagine how they could avoid panic and attempt to keep the remaining onboard passengers as calm as possible through their music.  There are so many stories like this from this disaster.  I guess its the mystery and the imagery that fascinates not just me but many people around the world.  There are multiple memorials happening this Saturday, the 100th  anniversary of the tragedy.
Titanic wreckage

all that remains of the once great ship

Titanic pocketwatch

This watch stopped at 2:20 the time of the sinking


I guess I will always be fascinated with this story, who knows maybe I was there…….stranger things are true!!


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