Working Title: Girl Interrupted

I am currently going to start back to working on a piece that I did about a year ago.  I don’t usually do portraits but an image of a girl with long flowing hair came to be out of no where or maybe it was from a dream.  I started with a canvas with a light blue background and sketched the girl with pencil.  I went back and painted in some detail on her like her hair which is done in gold.  At the time I thought she would be an angel but after working on her I realized that she was mortal not ethereal.  When I began to add embellishment, I wasnt inspired by the results so she has been sitting in the closet.  Since then I have thought about her off and on and lately have realized how to finish it so my plan is to work on that tonight and I will post a picture when she is done but the working title is Girl Interrupted.  Her face has a very wistful expression which is why I think this title works.

It’s so frustrating having to be at work and away from my art supplies for 12 hours a day and then I get home and there’s so much mundane chores to accomplish that my energy is gone and I never make it into the studio.  Wish me luck, I do think that writing about the ideas gives me inspiration, thanks for reading……….TTYL


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