Unexpected artists

When I think of artists, I usually think of the famous ones like Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo and others whose works are well known.  An unexpected artist that I know of is John Lennon.  Before he was a Beatle, he was a student at the Liverpool Art Institute.  Throughout his life, even while pursuing his music career he was quietly producing art mainly in the form of drawings.  After his early death in NYC at age 40, these drawings were released by Yoko Ono and shown to the world.  John was largely ignored by the art community during his life because of his earlier fame in the Beatles.  I have always thought his drawings had an intriguing quality to them.  Some childlike in their simplicity and others amazing in their detail. 

John Lennon as artist

I think many artists are talented in other media than what they are known for.  Musicians and actors who can paint and draw and sculpt.  Painters and sculptors who also make music and films.  This makes me think that artists truly have different brains than most people.  They see the world in a unique way and this is why they are so important to society.  What they add is a unique perspective on the everyday world that can bring joy or even just make you think.  They are people who have trained their brains to work this way whether they did it consciously or not.


an example of his childlike simplicity while conveying a feeling


 Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol were known for their paintings but both of they experimented in many media types, film, photography and others that many people don’t even know about.  I want you to look around and see where you notice something that could be art because it is everywhere, everyday.  Whether it’s a graffiti painting that catches your eye or the details in the architecture of a building that you pass every day or even the way the sun hits the leaves on a tree.  By trying to notice and think about things this way we are really all artists.


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