Fairy Muse

Elusive Inspiration

I have been severely remiss in my posting this week.  Every time I think about writing one, the topic seems lame or I don’t have one.  Sadly, I haven’t been working on any of my art lately, there has just been too much going on in my life.  Of course, that seems like a pathetic excuse at best.  I keep thinking to myself that if I were a ‘real” artist, nothing would keep me from working on them even for a little while if I am tired at the end of my workday.  I have a read a lot and feeling like a real “artist” or feeling like a fraud for calling yourself one seems to be a common theme among the artist community.  It’s like when I used to write poetry, I never actually called myself a poet although clearly that is what I was and I guess still am if its anything like riding a bike and you never forget.  My theory was that if i called myself a poet, then I was being a fraud since I hadn’t studied it or had much recognition for what I wrote outside of one time being published in the school literary magazine as a junior.  The last time i wrote a poem was more than 7 years ago, having not been inspired to do it since although I am confident that the urge will strike me again in my lifetime. 


Fairy Muse

I like to think maybe my muse looks like this and is just busy elsewhere right now.


Inspiration is the key to any artwork and explains why sometimes I work constantly in an almost frenzied way because the ideas are flowing so fast I can hardly execute them fast enough before I think the inspiration well will run dry and that is my biggest fear.  I guess I have to accept, that, at least for right now, I am just not feeling inspired and trust that the inspiration muse will come back to me like she always does and whisper in my ear an idea for finishing a piece I already have or a new idea, I would be happy with either one at this point.  I hope she shows up sooner,rather than,later though because i miss her. 🙂

Thanks for reading, have a great day! and tell your friends!


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