New Projects

I have a few new projects I have been working on.  One of them is an abstract painting, very abstract, in acrylics.  The main color is aqua blue and so far that is all I have on the canvas but it will have a geometric theme in bright colors like orange and blue and maybe purple.  I will post pics as soon as I have more on the canvas than the blue outline. 

My other new endevour is a type of crazy quilting which combines the best of quiltinq and embroidery both of which I love to do.  I started with an old handkerchief I bought at an estate sale.  I actually found a whole pile of them that I must have bought at the same time but i can’t remember when.  The base is white linen and the edges all have different colored crocheted edges done in a tatting style so the stitches are tiny.  I backed the kerchief with muslin to give it more body.  I cut hearts out of some 1930’s prints I bought a while back.  I am learning how to do the crazy quilt type embroidery stitches which is wayyyy harder than it looks.  So far I have the center heart attahced and there are about 9 more to go.  The plan is to embellish with lace and beads and maybe buttons.  I have tiny pastel colored pearls that I want to incorporate.  This project was inspired by pinterest.  I looked at it and thought “I can do that”.  I am sure I can it is just going to take some practice and I need to patient with myself if it doesn’t look completely perfect.

pink crazy quilt

This is an example of crazy quilting in the style that I am trying out

Speaking of estate sales, I went to one on Friday with some friends and found some real treasures.  My fave find was a candelabra made by International Silver for only $15 as well as 4 little silver snail placecard holders.  This inspired me to polish my mom’s silver that she gave me and make a whole shelf of my hutch dedicated just to silver.  They are spectacular all shined up and displayed together so that was a job well done!  Just wanted to share that little tidbit.  Have a great day 🙂


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