Bassist Geddy Lee

Geddy Lee of Rush performing live with his usual high energy!

I wanted to take a minute to talk about Geddy Lee of Rush.  He is unusual among bass players.  In many of their songs he is actually playing lead bass in that you can hear it just as well as you can hear the other parts where in most bands the bass is an undertone and not as noticed.  In addition, he sings lead vocals and in that respect is the sound of the band.  He and Alex Lifesone write all of the music for their albums, Neil Peart writes all the lyrics first and separate from them and they work their magic turning his words into songs.  He has had a 40 year career and he still plays, sings and runs around on stage like he is in his late 20’s at the most.  If you haven’t listened to Rush lately take a minute to look up some of their newer work, they have progressed way beyond the Tom Sawyer era that almost everyone is familiar with.    I am a long time fan and have seen them 17 times since 1985’s Power Windows tour but they and Geddy in particular deserve more recognition than they get.  Geddy’s vocals have mellowed dramatically since the early days when he was mistaken for a woman when they were first played on radio.  I think the newer sound of his voice has an amazing richness but without losing his unique sound.  He even made a solo album back in 2000 called My Favorite Headache in which he wrote all the music and lyrics which shows his scope of talent.

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