Goodbye yellow brick road painting

De-constructing Come Fly with Me

This piece took me about 8 months to finish.  My original idea was for it to be a painting called “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”.  I started with a 12×12 canvas and painted the yellow brick road meandering down the center of the piece.  I used coarse texture medium to add depth and shades of blues and greens for the surrounding areas.  As a painting I wasn’t happy with it and I put it aside but I was always thinking about it and working on it in my mind which I do with all of my pieces.  Months later I decided that the painting made an excellent background for a collage.  I began with the “bricks” of gold cardstock with dictionary definitions cut out for the words “goodbye”, “yellow”, “brick” and road.  Then the poppies came to mind inspired the flowers in the wizard of oz.  Later I thought of using the images of my sister and brother whom I miss dearly and every day of my life.  I wanted to conjure up an image that when my sister passed she was greeted by our brother who went before her.  I put a wizard hat on him and gave him a gold wand.  He is beckoning to her as she hatches out of the egg that was her life on earth and welcoming her to her new home with him.  The little girl in the window represents me as being left behind here without them but always able to feel them.  The words “I shall live my life in shades of gray instead” was cut from scrapbook paper that I already had but the words resonated with me.  My world now is not in as vibrant color as before.  I would liken the process of making any of my pieces, but this one in particular, to giving birth.  It is extremely difficult at times but joyful in the end.  Most of my pieces come into being this way but I am always glad that I pushed through the process, they are little pieces of my soul and are always worth it in the end.

Goodbye yellow brick road painting

Come fly with me, mixed media 2011


One thought on “De-constructing Come Fly with Me

  1. Seth

    Your story behind this piece is very moving Carolyn. And it really brings all the images to life. It is a beautiful tribute to both your brother and your sister. Thanks for highlighting it for Buried Treasure.



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